Self Care


Self care is about nourishing and cultivating the internal healing properties within your body. Approaches include healthy eating, stress management, yoga, positive self talk — and other healthy lifestyle habits that ignite your ability to produce wellness. Self care is multi-dimensional, and relies on your innate capacity to be your very own first responder - recognizing when you need rest, relaxation or tender loving care. This page is dedicated to strengthening your self care intuition and helping you identify simple, science backed self care practices that speak to you.

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How to Practice Emotional First Aid
Many of us cope with common emotional health issues by ourselves, without ever seeking out help. That’s not necessary, says psychologist Guy Winch. He makes a compelling case to learn and practice emotional first aid and emotional hygiene — nurturing our minds and emotions with the same care that we show our bodies.

5 Self Care Tips When You Feel Broken
Self care includes any activity that we do deliberately to take care of our physical and emotional well-being. Good self care can help improve our mood when we feel low, by reducing anxiety and stress, improve our relationships, and overall well being. The best self care is simple, affordable and easily fits into our daily routines.




Meditation & Motivation

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Daily Motivation & Self Help