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Positive thinking involves the mental attitude of optimism that searches for favorable outcomes in all situations. It relies on the emotional state of hope, which looks past the current circumstance and supports the building of emotional and social resources for positive action. When you make positive thinking a habit, you cultivate a positive mindset - continuously searching for the bright side and making the best out of all situations. Research proves that having a positive mindset is the key to success, a healthy relationship with yourself and others, and having a healthy mind and body. Learn the science backed and faith based secrets to positive thinking for stress management, a stronger immune system, and mind body wellness.

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The Law Of Attraction - How It Really Works & How To Use It
Learn about the law of attraction, how it works and how to use it without New Age mumbo jumbo. Simply put, the Law of Attraction posits that you attract that which you focus on the most. It underscores the importance of positive thinking.

How to Defeat Negative Thinking: An Animation

When times are tough it can be difficult to defeat negative thinking. Positive psychology Coach Derrick Carpenter details two tactics that will interrupt and beat these thoughts.


Three Components of Self Compassion

Kristin Neff is an American researcher and one of the world's leading professionals on self-compassion and self-compassion exercises. In this short video she defines self-compassion as being composed of three main components – self-kindness, common humanity, and mindfulness and encourages bravery in being compassionate to yourself.







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ThinkUp: Positive Affirmations

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